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Dear Believer,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to my website and for being interested enough to make a real difference and some long lasting changes to your life, on your quest towards getting pregnant. You can rest assured that just because of your commitment to being here, your life will never be the same again.I waited a while to write this introduction, because I didn’t want it to be just another bit of writing to fill the gap with, as is so often the case with this section of the website. Instead, I wanted to be in the most balanced and heartfelt state of emotion and mind to be able to allow the words to flow, and to deliver something authentically inspirational.One of the questions I get asked most often is why I went into doing this job. The reasons behind it are many, but there is something my mother taught me when I was young, that has remained with me in life, and that forms the basis of why I wish to help all those wanting to conceive. Her words based on the old Latin proverb were: Per Aspera Ad Astra, or translated as: through hardship we must go to reach the stars. I have since seen this to be true in my own life, but really importantly, the very inception of IVF is steeped in this truth too and in fact would not have come into being, were it not for the hardships faced by the people behind this incredible achievement.

The team behind the birth of the very first baby born via IVF, Bob Edwards, Patrick Steptoe and Jean Purdy, faced years of failed attempts, experiments, and judgement by the public and the world at large. But they never gave up. Jean Purdy summarised it best when asked why she carried on doing what she was doing, which was creating the world’s first embryos in a laboratory, she answered “because I want to help the babies”. It was this unwavering determination to make a real difference to people’s lives, that eventually saw this trio succeed and give rise the world’s first IVF baby, Louise Brown, who I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions and who epitomises the culmination of all that is so wonderful about the endurance of human spirit, and scientific collaboration. Every time I hear the story about the inception of IVF, I get incredibly emotional, because there is something in this story that speaks to all of us, and anyone who has faced trials and tribulations of their own, will understand and resonate with. And this is essentially everyone who has had to seek medical help to get pregnant.

With the birth of IVF having been steeped in hardship, judgement and adversity, it’s almost no surprise that the condition it was invented to treat, childlessness, in itself is one of the most harrowingly difficult hardships to face. Seeing women and men each day who bare their soul and all their emotions to me in the space of one small room, and tell me things which they may not have ever told anyone else, is something that I never take for granted, and the sheer vulnerability, courage and humility of their story, is something that always moves me, and is what inspires me to do my job. I will never stop being amazed by the tenacity and bravery of the human spirit. Because it’s this determination that has proven itself to be so powerful, that it’s capable of creating human life. Without the tenacity of the people behind IVF and their stamina, there would be so many families and individuals that just wouldn’t exist, and so many lives and stories that would never have been realised. A very humbling and sobering thought for us all.

But the very fact you are here and reading this, whether you realise it or not, is that you are a believer. You may have stumbled and been knocked down, your spirit may be dampened by consecutive rounds of failure or miscarriage, but you are here, you have shown up, ready to do something different. And that in itself, is extraordinary. The very meaning of the word fertile, from the dictionary, is actually becoming a new individual. The refers to birth, and notice not specifically the birth of a baby, but the birth of an individual. I understand this word to mean the creation of something so wonderful within yourself, so abundant and full, that has the power to give birth to a magical new being, as well as yourself. No matter what, the process of trying t conceive almost certainly changes people. The process of trying, tireless hours spent monitoring your ovulation, timing sex, going from scan to scan, injecting needles into yourself and waiting for test results, can become so emotionally and physically crippling, that women and men star to base their whole existence and identity around a menstrual cycle. They feel completely powerless and that loss of control, loss of confidence and loss of identity is what becomes so harmful to them, and to their own health.

This is why I wanted to create this website for you. I wanted you to see that it doesn’t have to be like this. There is no denying the fact that going through the process of trying to conceive will test you and your partner, or you as individual if you’re doing it on your own, in the most difficult of ways, but you do have so much more control than you think, and there is so much you can do to help improve your chances, whilst looking after your mind and body.

Given I have always had a fascination with nature and the world around us, it may not seem surprising to you to know that the IVF that I do is of the natural and mild format, and all the holistic supportive measures I will be sharing with you are naturally based. This is because nature is a wonderful source of therapy: if you think about it, the very first medicines that were invented were created directly from flowers and herbs and continue to form the basis of what we use today. But also because we are now beginning to realise the harmful impact that things which are not naturally derived, such as the food you eat, the skin care products you apply on your skin, the cleaners and candles you use around your home, can have on your health, especially when it comes to fertility. Your fertile health is a complex and delicate interplay of so many different hormones, and science has shown that these can without a doubt be affected by external toxins we absorb into our bodies.

But more than that, the choices we make today about how we eat, what products we use, and so on, will directly impact not just on our own health, but the health of our children, and many generations later, as epigenetic science is beginning to unravel. A lot of people don’t realise that the work to become pregnant starts many years before you actually technically start trying. Because there’s such a lack of education out there about it, that most women and men now spend the majority of their lifetimes trying not to get pregnant and completely forgetting about their fertile health.

I want to change this, and so I want to show you that there’s a whole fertility lifestyle that’s open and available to you, and with commitment and small changes that accumulate, gradually and over time, you will begin to not just notice a difference but also to feel differently. They are things which are practical and easy, all that’s required is for you to commit to following the principles. Everything that I share with you is what I authentically use in my own life, and underpinning all of it is the desire to be mindful of how we treat our minds and bodies, whilst also respecting our environment, because it’s our environment that ultimately gives us our source of food and nourishment, and if we don’t look after that, then we ultimately disrespect out bodies too.

So please come and join me as I share my latest health, nutrition, wellness, fitness and beauty tips that will not only make you feel and look good, but hopefully also give you the biggest result you’re after, and that’s a pregnancy. Whether you’re trying naturally, or undergoing treatment, all these tools are just as applicable.

And if you like and enjoy the content, please don’t forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel and my Newsletter and to share the website link and information there, because if you’ve found it useful, then almost certainly that man or woman struggling in silence may too. I want this space to not just provide helpful and credible content, but also to be a space for engagement, so please share your stories, and let me know your thoughts, what you’d like to see on here, and how else I can serve you. And please remember, you are amazing and capable of so much more than you realise. Half the battle is self belief, and the rest I hope that you will allow me to help you with.

With all my love,


Dr Larisa Corda x


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