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I am a doctor trained in Obstetrics and Gyanecology and a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine. I was born in Sarajevo, Former Yugoslavia and came to live in the UK aged 7. I grew up in Leeds, before moving to London to complete my medical studies at Imperial College, gaining an MBBS and BSc in 2007. In 2010, I decided to specialise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and obtained the MRCOG in 2015. My many years of work in womens’ health and pregnancy have allowed me to gain a deep understanding and appreciation of womens’ health concerns, that range from medical to surgical. I’ve been involved in caring for women from pre-conception through to pregnancy and thereafter. I believe in a more natural holistic approach to treating a patient, that addresses a combination of physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors, that include nutrition, exercise and spiritual wellbeing. I’m passionate about combining the very best of science with nature to give the best possible outcome.

Deciding to focus on fertility specifically, I spent some time working in Sydney, gaining experience with IVF Australia, and completing research that specifically examined the differences in demographics and IVF access amongst patients across Australia. I then returned to the UK to obtain the MRCOG, going on to join the CREATE team in London that has pioneered the mild and natural approach to IVF. My research interests have included investigating the inequity of access to reproductive healthcare, as well as the impact of emotional wellbeing on IVF. I have presented at major international meetings and won awards for the research I’ve helped to conduct, and published on older age motherhood. She is a member of the RCOG, BFS and ESHRE, having also been Co-Chair of STIRMAS (Subspecialist Trainees in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery), as well as Junior Doctor Chair for the RSM and for Healthwatch UK, in the past.

A big passion of mine is wanting to help women facing adversities and inequities in life and, inspired by the women in my own life, as well as her patients and women involved in conflict as a result of the Former Yugoslav war, I’ve had the honour and pleasure of being involved in many charitable causes, including the White Ribbon Foundation, having also been an ambassador for UN Women, whilst working in Australia. I believe in using my medical expertise whilst campaigning for better welfare and healthcare for women around the globe, as well as improving the treatment and education that they receive. Every woman deserves to be empowered with the necessary tools and information to be able to make her own decisions and judgements, that will allow her to influence the course of her own life.

I’m passionate about promoting this message in the care I offer my patients, and in my media work, such as This Morning’s Fertility Expert and also the Channel Mums Fertility and Pregnancy Expert, with appearances on Lorraine, Loose Women and the BBC, as well as the national press. I’m also proud to be a Foundation Board Director for Sexplained, which is an international organisation that educates teenagers about reproduction, as well as an ambassador for the international organisations that include The Circle, KicksCount and WUKA Periods, as well as being a brand representative for a new innovative fertility device called MyLotusMonitor. In my various roles, I’ve had the pleasure of working with women of all ages and from all backgrounds, helping them to achieve their goals, and I remain passionately committed towards doing this.

WUKA’s 1st Brand Ambassador

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