How to eat well to conceive, in pregnancy and beyond.

"Food is glorious but it's also therapeutic. I subscribe to the school of thought that advocates eating in season, organically and food in its most nutritional cleanest state possible. Epigenetics provides the scientific basis behind the fact we are what we eat, and a good diet can provide health for generations to come."

Time for a detox?

OK, so I, like a lot of people out there, am partial to a bit of Tiramisu, which happens to be one of my fave desserts. But, given the facts out there about non-organic dairy; that it interferes with hormones...

Plant Based Diet Myths

I first came across plant based nutrition several years ago when I lived in Australia. I did a lot of reading around it to understand what its benefits were. And initially, I felt conflicted over what to do, ma...

What are the benefits of a Plant Based Diet?

Nutritional advice can often be conflicting and difficult to understand. We want to eat well to stay healthy, keep our weight within normal range but also use it to improve fertility and reduce our risk of cond...

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