THIS MORNING viewers were given a stark warning by NHS doctor Dr Larisa Corda on yesterday’s show as she urged people to stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke to Dr Larisa Corda from an ICU on yesterday’s This Morning as the doctor made a desperate plea to viewers as she continues to help battle coronavirus from the NHS front line. The ICU doctor issued a startling warning to people who have continued to ignore the Prime Minister’s ruling to stay at home unless completely necessary.

Addressing how busy the hospital is, she began: “It’s really busy. The ward, whereas there used to be just one or two intensive care wards, they’re now spilling all over the hospital and we’re having to take over areas like theatre spaces that would normally be used for operating during elective procedures.

“Now all of that is gone and the whole focus is really just on treating Covid positive patients.

“So the ward I’m on, every single patient has Covid and every single patient has multi-organ failure of some sort.

“So it’s deeply, deeply harrowing and there are lots of people, particularly in South-London which is where I’m based.”

The NHS doctor admitted she understood people’s frustration but reiterated how important it was they stay at home.

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