An NHS maternity doctor has told ITV News that home births by some trusts may soon become impossible as services are restricted by the spread of coronavirus.

Dr Larisa Corda, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, said that the ambulance service was “finding it really difficult to cope,” adding: “It may be the case of all births being potentially centralised in hospitals now.”

Hospitals have been forced to restrict visitor numbers at births to reduce the chance of infection.

Dr Corda said: “We are really having to clamp down and be strict with that because of infection risks as well.

“So, though women will be allowed one visitor with them during labour, it has to be kept really strict and postnatally it may not be possible.”

“Maternity units are constantly reviewing the situation and having to make some difficult decisions to protect our women, our health professionals and reduce the spread of coronavirus.”

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