An ICU doctor who watched four coronavirus patients die yesterday has begged the UK to stay home, saying: ‘I don’t really know what more we can say on the frontline to convince you just how bad this is’.

Dr Larisa Corda, a fertility specialist who has been transferred to help in an ICU of a south London hospital, says she has seen some ‘deeply harrowing cases that I hope no one else has to witness’ in the last few days.

With every single Covid-19 patient in her ‘warzone’ unit suffering multiple organ failure, she has reminded people who are going out unnecessarily that their actions will lead to someone ‘potentially losing their life’. It comes after the UK death toll jumped by 938 people in just 24 hours – a larger increase than on Italy’s worst day of the pandemic.

Asked on This Morning how it felt seeing people on the streets and heavy traffic on the road after her shift yesterday, Dr Corda reminded the public that ‘irresponsible behaviour’ could lead to someone losing ‘a friend, a son, a grandad, grandma or wife’.

She said: ‘On the one hand, I can understand people are getting bored at home and that self-isolation is not something anyone wants to do. But at the end of the day, you’re being asked to just stay at home and that is it.

‘You can do whatever else you want at home – but we can’t do that, we have to come in. All these doctors and nurses are going to be working through Easter, they have no choice.

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