The news is finally out: we are having a baby on @thismorning🎉🙌💖 Our beautiful couple @kaffers.88 is 16 weeks pregnant after following #theconceptionplan and being utterly devoted to making several significant changes to their lives.

I just need to explain the magnitude of what they’ve actually managed to achieve: Kathryn was struggling with her weight and has polycystic ovaries. Dan has two hernias in his groin, suffers from a varicocoele and has suboptimal sperm. They were struggling to get pregnant for 3 years and were declined access to treatment by the NHS. After applying to get help and guidence from @thismorning I started working with them in Spring to change their diet, to improve their fitness to manage their stress and to reduce toxin exposure in their environment, which is all part of #theconceptionplan 💞 And soon after they committed to this they found themselves pregnant for the first time ever!!! 🎉😍❤️ I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am for them and how incredible they have been. To conceive naturally after following this plan is nothing short of amazing and I am honoured and blessed that I got to help them and that they trusted in me 🙏💞 But this is just the beginning and we have much more to come, so make sure you follow their pregnancy journey from here.

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